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Scholarship and Financial Info
We help students identify eligibility criteria and to increase their chances to grab scholarship.
Buget Estimate and Expenses
We often provide the living cost and define ways to optimize their expenses at study destination.
Study Destination Selection
We help students identify suitable destinations on their career goals, budget, and personal preferences.
Course and University Selection
It is based on the student's interests and academic qualifications, we assist in finding appropriate courses.
Admissions Guidance and Assistance
We help students with the entire application process, including preparing application documents, (SOP).
Collecting Arivaled Visa
Student can often get their visa stamped and fulfilling specific or completing necessary requirements set by the destination country.
Pre-departure Orientation
These sessions help students understand the culture, lifestyle, and academic environment of the host country.
Post-arrival Support on Destination
We continue to assist students after arrive at their study destination for settling into the new environment.